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If You Have Suffered from Medical Malpractice, Know Your Rights

Medical Malpractice is  just one type of personal injury claim that we specialize in when fighting for our clients’ rights in court. For more about our personal injury services, please see our “Bay Area Personal Injury Attorney” page. Or for other types of personal injury claims we support, see the links below.

We trust our doctors, nurses, and medical care providers with the most important thing we have – our health.  Increasingly, patients feel like their doctors and nurses do not listen to them, do not provide them with the time and attention they deserve, move too quickly from one patient to the next, and essentially treat them like a product on an assembly line instead of a person. Not only is this kind of treatment ineffective, it can lead to mistakes with serious ramifications.

If you have been injured by the negligence of a medical professional, contact our Bay Area medical malpractice attorneys at Venardi Zurada.  We have extensive experience handling challenging medical malpractice cases and a reputation for being relentless and resourceful in ensuring our clients are appropriately compensated for their injuries.

Medical malpractice claims are very difficult for several reasons, but we take tough cases

Many personal injury attorneys do not accept medical malpractice cases, but we do.

One reason these cases are challenging is that the California Legislature enacted the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA) in 1975, and it was signed into law the same year.  MICRA protects doctors and health care providers by limiting an injured person’s recovery in a medical malpractice case.  Consequently, many personal injury attorneys do not even accept medical malpractice cases.  As a result, doctors and other healthcare providers are often not held accountable for their negligence.

At Venardi Zurada LLC, we pursue medical malpractice cases aggressively and seek to recover damages for the harm and the losses you have suffered.  We evaluate cases against allegedly negligent physicians, surgeons, dentists, nurses, psychiatrists, pharmacists, and other health care providers in a wide range of cases, including:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Birth injuries
  • Failure to diagnose
  • Delayed diagnosis
  • Nursing home injuries and abuse
  • Prescription errors
  • Surgery errors
  • Foreign bodies left in surgery site

Why You Should Choose Our Attorneys to Help You

  • We have served the San Francisco Bay Area for over 35 years.
  • We have been honored with SuperLawyer, AV Rating, and Top 100 Trial Attorney awards.
  • We are respected by opposing counsel, feared by insurance companies, and followed by jurors.
  • We have won multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements, recovering tens of millions for our clients.

Call Venardi Zurada LLP and our attorneys will provide you with details on why you should work with our team. Our professional colleagues throughout the state of California and nationwide know us as tenacious and strategic professionals who understand what it takes to win in court.


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