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You Need and Deserve a Break. Don’t Let Them Tell You Otherwise.

A meal and rest break violation is just one of many types of unjust or prejudicial treatments employees face on the job and that we fight in court. For more about our Employment Law legal services, please see our “Bay Area Employment Law Attorney” page. Or for other types of employee work-related issues we fight for our clients, see the links to the right.

It’s a Law That Employers Often Ignore

Some employers see giving employees breaks as money down the drain. They view wage and hour laws as guidelines that can be ignored. In reality, employers who don’t provide breaks can be forced to pay back wages plus penalties for each instance of this illegal practice.

During a typical eight-hour workday, you should always get a lunch break and two rest breaks.

By law, every worker is entitled to a 30-minute meal break during a shift of five hours or more. You cannot be “on call” during your break, forced to man the phones, or required to remain on the premises. By law, you are also entitled to a break of at least 10 minutes for every four hours of work. So, during a typical eight-hour workday, you should always get a lunch break and two rest breaks.

To enforce these basic meal and rest break rights, employers can be held accountable for one hour of extra pay for every meal break or rest break that was skipped over the prior three years. For many workers, this adds up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in retroactive compensation.

We Can Help with Meal and Rest Break Abuses

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