Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Attorneys in the San Francisco Bay Area

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is just one of many types of unjust or prejudicial treatments employees face on the job and that we fight in court. For more about our Employment Law legal services, please see our “Bay Area Employment Law Attorney” page. Or for other types of employee work-related issues we fight for our clients, see the links to the right.

Sexual harassment is a type of workplace harassment that has a sexual component.  Sexual harassment can take the form of unwelcome touching, advances or leering, inappropriate comments or jokes, or exposure to pornographic pictures. It can also include demands/pressure for dates, sexual favors, or sex in exchange for getting or keeping a job, or being a promotion.

As with regular harassment, the sexually harassing conduct can be combined with other harassing conduct to create a hostile work environment, but whether or not the conduct is severe and pervasive enough depends on the facts of each case.  An occasional inappropriate joke or an isolated unwanted advance is probably not enough to be deemed harassment, but a single coerced sexual act likely would be.

Sexual harassment can be committed by a man or woman, and against the opposite or same gender. The focus of any sexual harassment analysis is on the frequency and severity of the conduct.

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